Section 1. Demerit System

Members may have from 0 to 10 demerits in this system.

Demerits will be allocated as follows:

1) Missed Meeting, unexcused: +2 demerits

2) Missed Meeting, excused: +1 demerit

3) Leaving a meeting early without prior approval from a sponsor or the Parliamentarian: +1 demerits

4) Being sent to the Adjustment Center: +4 demerits

5) Missing a Mandatory Event: +2 demerits

6) Signing up for a committee, event, etc. and not fulfilling commitment: +2 demerits

7) Not maintaining the proper GPA: +3 per grading period

8) Regaining the proper GPA during the grading period after proper GPA was not met: -3 demerits (limit one credit per semester)

10) Submitting documentation of community service hours (not associated with another school club): -1 demerit (limit 3 per school year)

Accumulating seven demerits shall result in probation for the member.

Accumulating ten demerits shall result in dismissal from the Student Council.

While a member is on probation, he may not participate in any Student Council activities that include missing class.

A member who is dismissed from the Student Council is dismissed for the remainder of the current semester and the entire next semester.

Section 2. Excuses

Excuses for missing Student Council activities and meetings must be submitted to the Parliamentarian, President, or Sponsor(s) before the event takes place.

Doctor's Excuses must be submitted within a week after an event or meeting.

Sponsors reserve the right to approve or void any member's excuses.

In addition, if a member is going to miss part of a meeting, that member must notify the Parliamentarian prior to the meeting.

Otherwise the member will be penalized 1 to 2 demerits depending on the length of the member's stay.

Section 3. Report Cards/GPA

The report cards of Student Council members will be checked every grading period to ensure that the proper GPA is maintained by all members.

Student Council members must maintain a 2.5 GPA for each grading period or be penalized.