Section 1. Eligibility:
All candidates must have a cumulative 2.5 GPA. This will be determined using final grades from the fall semester and the grades from the first 3 grading periods of the spring semester.
Candidates can have a maximum of one (1) office referral during the current school year.
Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Candidates can not have been suspended during the current school year. Freshmen can not have been suspended during the previous school year. If a candidate who has been been suspended or has had more than one referral during the past school year would like to run, their case will be reviewed by Student Council’s Faculty Advisory Board.
Candidates must submit, to the Student Council sponsors, a signed and completed copy of this document by the end of the first full meeting of the school year.
If a candidate has never been elected during their Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior elections, he/she is not eligible to run for Senior Class President, Vice President, or Secretary. However, he/she may run for Senior Representative.
Section 2. Election Stipulations:
Rules and regulations for elections will be handed out prior to elections. All stipulations will be contained in that document.
Section 3. “At-Large” Representatives:
Up to 4 “At-Large” Representatives can be brought into the Student Council after Freshmen elections. Interested students will be required to complete proper paperwork, to include a teacher recommendation. These students will be required to follow normal election stipulations. If possible, two(2) of these positions will be reserved for qualified Life Skills Academy students. Final decisions for filling these positions will rest with a committee composed of the Student Council sponsors and two(2) volunteer teachers.