Section 1. Council Statement:
The membership of this Student Council shall be limited to students currently enrolled at - - - - - - - - High School. Student Council shall not be empowered to deny membership on the basis of sex, race, creed, or year in school.
Section 2. Fees:
All Student Council members must pay an annual fee by October 31st, or face dismissal. The amount of the fee will be determined by the Executive Board based on the organization's projected needs, and will be announced at the first meeting of each school year.
Section 3. Filling Vacancies:
In the event that a vacancy occurs on the Student Council, replacements may be selected in the following manner:
1) If still interested and eligible, the person obtaining the next highest vote-count may fill the vacancy.
2) If the unsuccessful candidates from the previous election are no longer interested, the Student Council may nominate a suitable person in the student body to fill the vacancy and confirm that person's membership by a vote.
3) The Student Council reserves the right to leave a position vacant.
Section 4. Removal of Members by Peers:
If a member gains ten demerits, the Student will be notified by the Executive Committee and/or Sponsors that they are no longer an active (voting) member, and that member will be removed from the roster.
If for any reason a Student Council officer or representative is not fulfilling their duties, and they do not resign their current position, another Student Council member may initiate impeachment proceedings by doing all of the following:
1) Write a petition stating concrete reasons for removal.
2) Obtain the signatures of a total of ten (10) Student Council members in support of the impeachment.
3) Submit the petition to the Student Council President. If the Student Council President is the subject for impeachment, submit the petition to the Student Council Vice President, who shall preside over the impeachment proceedings.
After these three conditions are achieved, a 2/3 vote from the Student Council and approval from a majority of the Sponsor(s) will secure the impeachment.
Section 5. Removal of Members by Sponsor(s):
The Student Council Sponsor(s) have the power to remove any Student Council member or officer for not meeting election qualification guidelines or fulfilling the duties of their office.