Section 1. Student Council Representatives are responsible for attending meetings, maintaining their status, and remaining active in Student Council activities.
Section 2. Class Officers are to act as liaisons between Student Council and their respective classes. As such, they should encourage and facilitate inter-organization communication and cooperation. Each class President is automatically part of the Executive Board.
Section 3. Executive Board members must fulfill the responsibilities of their specific office and the requirements of the Executive Board. Each must attend at least one (1) Executive Board meeting per month. These will generally be held several days prior to regularly scheduled meetings, with the intention of setting agendas and making large-scale plans.
Subsection A. The President is responsible for presiding over all meetings when present, supervising sub-committees, and presenting the views of Student Council to the administration.
Subsection B. The Vice-President is responsible for presiding in the absence of the president, chairing one major sub-committee (Community Service, Fundraiser, etc.), to be determined at the beginning of the school year.
Subsection C. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings, writing a monthly summary of the minutes and activities to present to the - - - - - - - - administration, and chairing the Communication Committee to keep student body, Student Council members, faculty, administration and all stakeholders informed of Student Council meetings and activities.
Subsection D. The Parliamentarian is responsible for chairing one major sub-committee, keeping attendance at meetings and activities, maintaining the demerit system, and initiating probation and dismissal proceedings.
Subsection E. The Treasurer/Historian is responsible for completing and maintaining financial paperwork, reporting financial status to the Council, and chairing the Scrapbook Committee which will photograph Student Council activities and meetings, gather external artifacts like newspaper articles and relevant documents, and compile a scrapbook.