Astronomy is the Science that studies the stars, planets, galaxies and everything else in the universe.  Like Chemistry, Astronomy can be considered a branch of Physics;  as Chemistry tends to deal with very small objects, Astronomy typically concentrates on the very large.  As modern Astronomers conduct research into cataclysmic events like Supernovae, they must peer across incredible distances and try to improve our understanding of things that are larger than galaxies and smaller than atoms. Astronomy tells us why we are here and where we came from.

International Year of Astronomy

The United Nations has declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy. This celebrates the time when Galileo first pointed a telescope at the sky and found out exciting stuff like that the Earth moves round the Sun. Well into the 21st Century, there are a few who don’t even understand that. See Flat Earth Society.

It is hoped that people worldwide will pay attention to astronomy and learn to understand the subject better.


Astronomy should not be confused with astrology which is a pseudoscience and involves superstition.

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