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Class Documents

Physics 1

Lesson Plans
Content Outline
Sample Tests

Physics 2

Lesson Plans
Content Outline
Sample Tests
Observation Journal Homework

Physical Science

Lesson Plans
Notes / Outline . . . . . . . . Older Version
Sample Tests

Algebra II

Lesson Plans
Notes / Outline
Chapter 6 and 7 practice as a PDF
Sample Tests

Environmental Science

Lesson Plans
Content Outline
Sample Tests

Digital Graphics Lesson Plans
Digital/Web Student Projects
Old Lesson Plans

Resources and Links

Plato Learning

HippoCampus teaching animations

PhET science simulations

Khan Academy lectures

Google Earth

NASA eClips

Snell's Law Calculator

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Examples of new documents formats that we can use on this Wiki

Chapter 7 Notes as an OpenOffice Presentation

History of Math and Science (part 1) as an OpenOffice Presentation.

Timeline (instructions)

DataHistMathSci.xml and TimelineHistMathSci.html
DataHistSpaceFlight.xml and TimelineHistSpaceFlight.html

Cool student stuff

Cosmos video by Barry, Brock and Phoukoune Cosmos. While you're at it, check out Barry's short Movie.

Cajun Crawler It is a scooter/segway thingy developed at UL for a senior project. Check it out on youtube. Also, take a look at theo jansen. They use concepts of intricate joint systems to achieve movement.

Student Council Draft Constitution

StuCo Ongoing Agenda

Sophie's Project


Old students should continue working on their projects... to set a good example for later students.

Night Labs

Bring: Warm clothes, Red flashlight, Notes, Quadrant, Pencil, Handouts, Off, and interested parents. If the weather is not favorable (clouds/rain), I will cancel at least 30 minutes before the lab is scheduled to begin.
Jan 31, 2012 ... 5:30 Cancelled
Feb 6 ... Cancelled
Feb 13 ... Cancelled
Feb 28 ... too many clouds, argh. try again soon.
Mar 5