• Cxkham

    Intro to physics at LSU.

    November 12, 2009 by Cxkham

    College is scary.

    Not if you're properly prepared though!

    Advice: 1) You can't slack off anymore. It's definitely not like high school.
    2) HOMEWORK. Do it. Even if you do your homework, it's still not enough to pass an exam. Practice, practice, practice. 3) Visit your professor. Even now, if you have questions, visit Mr. Leeson.
    4) They say you need to study 2 hours for every course hour you take. I'm taking 16 hours. That would mean I would have to study 32 hours. That's insane. But actually, if you review and study effectively, you don't need to study for 32 hours. I say study anyway until you find a good way to cut down time but still understand content. (HINT: TIME MANAGEMENT)
    5) Chill out. Don't stress out too much. (Ballet class at the U…

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