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Template:Bragosinger The string Theory was first proposed by a man named Leonard Susskind in the year of 1969. He did not invent the string theory;was one of the first to use it to his advantages.

What is String theory?
An atom which is the smallest units of matter that retains all its properties, are composed of smaller particles called Subatomic Particles. Those subatomic particles are protons,nuetrons, and electrons. The protons and the neutrons are housed within the atom's nucleus, while the electrons orbit around the nucleus in an area known as the electron cloud. The string theory suggests that the subatomic particles are made up of even a smaller peice of material that is identical peices of string that are overwhelmingly small in size. These strings are to small to be observed with what technology has provided us with the ability to see. The size of the string is (10 to the -33rd) of a millionth of a billionth of a millionth of a millionth of a billionth of a centimeter. =D

These little strings can either be open or closed strings. THe closed strings resemble little rubber bands. These strings have a certain amount of tension which causes them to vibrate. In an effort to demostrate the diversity among the subatomic particles, the strings that compose the diggerent subatomic particles vibrate in opposing directions. In other words, the strings that make up the electrons will not viibrate in the same direction as the srings that are the foundation for protons.

For what is the string theory used for?

The string theory is used by physicst in an effor to explain some natural phenomenon. Gravity, Magnetism,and Electricity are all disciplines of sciecne that are explained by different theories. The string theory makes an effort to bring a variety of theroies together to explain an event that occurs within nature. The string theory desires to unite other theories in an effort to defend or explain phenonmenoms all in one theory as opposed to many. This idea seems extrmely farfected, but it has been many years and the string theory had not been proven false. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity addressed the effect that garavity has on occurrences in natures.

My Analogy The theory of Gravity is to the Theory of Magnetism is to the String Theory. My Model as followed ^.^

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String Theory for dummies

string theory is basicaly looking into extra dementions. ooohhh scary. Its like the twilight zone or somethin'. And some other concepts are involved too, such as superstring and branes. With this string theory, scientists are hoping to unlock one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, how gravity and quantum physics fit together. Personaly i think the biggest mystery of the universe is why there is so much tape around a DVD case when its already wrapped tightly in unopenable plastic. I digress...where was i...oh yeah. String Theory.

Well, its said that all objects are composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and branes (short for membranes)of energy. Now if your lost already, just look at your pencil. That pencil is made of strings. I know, its hard to believe, but its true.

If your still lost, just sit tight, i'm getting there. We all know (or we all SHOULD know) that all things are made up of atoms. And some of you may know that those atoms are made of quarks. ANd quess what!!!!!!! those quarks are made up of strings. See i told you i was getting there.

i'll write more later. Megga hand cramp. aahhh!!!!!