Good afternoon everyone, my name is Kelli and i will be your tour guide for today. I'm moody, grouchy and impatient so don't mess with me k? Anywho, we're going to have a great tour todayy, i mean come on.. you are at the MOST exciting place in Europe right now. (rolls eyes) So, where are we you ask? We're at the European Space Agency, of course. What is the European Space agency? Thats a greattt question. The ESA manages all of Europes journeys into space. This agency has 16 members & here they are.. first we have AUSTRIAAAA, then (talks really fast)Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, (takes deep breath) Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom. (is out of breath) Yes, i know thats a lot of information but you MUST know those. You will have a pop quiz on this at the end of the tour. HAH as if. anyway, i'm sure all of you are dying to know more about this agency so lets get started. Once upon a time,a very very long time ago, (in 1958) there lived to men two men named Pierre Auger and Edoardo Amaldi. These men had GREAT ideas, FANTASTIC ideas, MARVELOUSSS IDEASSS. These two men recommended that the European governments set up a "purely scientific" organization for space research. Yeah, i know.. THANK GOD they did, because WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THE ESA? pft, to answer that question you might need to know whyy we even exist right? "Technically" to sum it all up, we want to help europes space capability by engaging in space research & developing satallite-based technologies & service that promote European industries. But, to sum it all up, the ESA pretty much manages all of Eupropes journeys into space, duh. Now, as we enter the "HALL OF COOL STUFF" its time for me to tell you about all of the awesomely cool stuff thats done here. This agency launched a Giotto space probe that examined the nucleus of Halley's Comet. We've also launched a satellite that measured the parallaxes, positions, and proper motions of more than 100,000 stars. I'm really sorry to break it to you guys but it looks like we're out of time. Yeah, i know.. your depressed but thats ok.. you guys can come back & see me anytimmeee. Just remember, I'm moody, grouchy and impatient so don't mess with me k?

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