Environmental Science Leeson Name_______________________________ ________ Block_____ Date______________________ Terminology Quiz A 35

I. Matching (2) A. Aquaculture E. Carcinogen B. Aquifer F. Climate C. Arable G. Deciduous D. Biodiversity H. Demography

___1. A cancer-causing chemical. ___2. Land that can be used for farming. ___3. The study of human populations. ___4. A description of the average weather encountered in a region. ___5. The variety of life forms in a region. ___6. A tree that loses it leaves in the winter. ___7. A region of Earth, just under the surface, that holds on to water. ___8. Fish farming.

II. Understanding - Choose 3 of the following terms and explain them thoroughly, in your own words. Include examples when possible. Do NOT ask the teacher “How much do I have to write?” Use the back of the page of you need more room. (5)

Adaptation, Aquifer, Atmosphere, Biome, Carbon Footprint, Conservation, Decomposer