What's Love Got to do With It?      The dramas Chicago and Breakfast at Tiffany's are two stories that begin with an obsessive love of money. Roxie Hart from the drama Chicago, becomes obsessed with becoming famous and will do anything to get her fifteen minutes of fame in the lime light. Holly Golightly from the drama Breakfast at Tiffany's, however, gives away her "love" to rich men for money in return. Both of these women have very distorted views of what true love is and they think that money will solve all of their problems for them. The dramas Chicago and Breakfast at Tiffany's are perfect examples of how love conquers all, but maybe not in the way someone would expect.      Roxie Hart is like every other young girl during the 1920s, striving to get her name in lights and to be a star on the big stage. Her obsession with fame led her to the motive that she will do whatever or whoever it takes to get to the top. After having an affair with Fred Caisly, her and her husbands furniture salesman, she finds out that he lied to her about knowing people in show business and she shoots him dead.  Roxie finds herself on her way to death row and realizes that she can become a star from behind bars. The warden of the jail, Mamma, gets Roxie the finest lawyer in Chicago, Billy Flinn, for a few favors in return. By setting up Roxie to look like America's sweetheart, Billy starts scandals to get the trial to go in his direction. Roxie betrays her loyal husband Amos, who stayed by her side even though she cheated on him, and even fakes a pregnancy just so people will know her name on the streets of Chicago. After many trials and tribulations, Billy gets Roxie off of the hook and in the end, Roxie's love for fame is still prominent as she still looks for her chance to be a star.      Holly Golightly is a diva of the 1960s who believes that money is needed for her happiness in life. She was married at age 14 to Doc Golightly in order to help support her brother Fred, the only person she has ever truely loved. From this experience, Holly is blind to see what true love really is and becomes a prostitute. Her blindness to true love, along with a desperation for money leaves her to let men use her in order for them to buy her nice things in return. Holly then meets Paul Vagjak who is a male prostitute that moves into her apartment complex. They become good friends and she begins to call him Fred because of her brother. After getting to know Holly, Paul begins to fall in love with her. Holly decides to look past her feelings for Paul and becomes engaged to Jose from Brazil, a very rich man who is about to become the president of his home country. After Holly's brother passes away and the marriage gets called off, Holly finally realizes that she is in love with Paul just as much as he is in love with her.      The two characters Roxie Hart and Holly Golightly both have an obsessive love with money in the beginnings of their dramas. These two prominent characters both resolve themselves and will do whatever it takes to have money in order to make themselves happy. In dramas, characters usually overcome their obstacles in the end, but for Roxie, she still is obsessed with trying to become a star. Holly, however, let's herself love and realizes that true love and happiness always overcomes material items in the end. From these dramas, one could learn to look past the material items like money and nice things, and see what truely makes them happy. Roxie Hart was blinded by fame and so she ended up not being able to find true love in the end like Holly Golightly because money looked more important in her eyes. The two dramas Chicago and Breakfast at Tiffany's make a person wonder what is really important in life; being satisfied by money or being happy with someone you truely love.       The dramas Chicago and Breakfast at Tiffany's are perfect examples of how love conquers all in different ways that may not be expected. Roxie Hart in the drama Chicago finds her love in fame and fortune and chooses that life over the faithful husband that she had. Holly Golightly, on the other hand, began only loving two things, her brother and money. In the end, she finds that for her to be happy she must allow herself to love the person that truely loves her. These dramas show that money is not always the most important thing in a persons life and that love will always conquer all things.                       

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