1. Be sure you are logged in.
  2. Before you make changes, be sure you are using the "Source Editor". On a PC, go to "MyPreferences" (top of the screen, where you logged in). Under the "Edit" tab, you will find a way of switching to the "Source Editor". If you are Mobile, you can switch to "Source Editor" every time you begin Editing (hit that pencil icon). I recommend you stick with this mode and get used to it. In the long run, it is better because it lets you learn and use features that you would otherwise not be able to mess with.
  3. Hit the edit button (on the correct page! not THIS page!), so you make changes.
  4. Look for the LAST student who did this 30 point exercise. In "Source Editor" mode, their entry will start with the pound symbol, contain a few open and close brackets, and have their user name. Click on the line just below their entry. That is where you will start typing.
  5. Type the following symbols... point sign (you may call it hashtag), Tilde, Tilde, Tilde, Tilde. Then press enter. (The Pound sign automatically numbers the list for us. The combination of 4 tildes adds your username and a time/date stamp once you save the document. The enter key simply adds another line to make sure the next person has some extra room.
  6. Look for the "Publish" button. It should be on the right side of the screen if you are on a PC and close to the top if you are mobile. Once you hit that button, you should see the newest version of the document, including your user name and the time/date stamp.

Second Edit

  1. Click on your red user-tag on that page you just came from.
  2. Now, add something to that page.
  3. Look at the Physics 2 Projects page again. Your name should now be blue. Refresh your browser if necessary.
  4. Smile.