Hello passengers! This is SumExpert speaking to you. I would first like to thank you all for coming along on this journey on Jup Shuttle. Secondly, I would like to tell you all a couple of things about this shuttle. This shuttle was special made just to travel to Jupiter it self. As you may or may not know it is impossible to travel to Jupiter because of its posinous atmosphere. Its atmoshere is made up of the gases hydrogen and helium. And, any spacecraft or person, passing through the colorful clouds gets crushed and melted. Suggestion to all "think about how your head feels squeezed when you dive into the deep end of a pool? That is pressure right?" Well On Jupiter, the pressure is so strong it squishes gas into liquid. Jupiter's atmosphere can crush a metal spaceship like a paper cup, but not this one. This shuttle has been made to resist all of those effects. So, there are no worries. Okay, I know plenty of you may be here business related and some for self interest. Well, I am here because it is my job, so while I am here I will to the best of my ability acknowledge you as much as I possibly can about this journey that is about to begin. As you can tell from my name it self "SumExpert" I can not inform you about all the scienctifically B.S., because I am only the crash dummy --- you know the one who tells you all the basic boring stuff and give you an overview of what this journey will be about and some of the things you may see. Yeah, I know what a boring job, but all the money we have collected from you should have me walking away with a smile on my face. Out loud thought to self: "Oh, I am going home and call my girls and we are going to go shopping at, Macy's, Hollister, oh and Victoria's Secret to get some of those smell goods, and we will go to the spa for a cool rock massage." Oh, was I suppose to say that? Sorry scratch that part you didn't hear that. Anyways, as I continue on about this wonderful journey, and must I repeat wonderful. You will get close looks at all four of the jovian moons b.k.a Jupiter's moons and a little detail about each of them.I hope you leave this journey fully informed and if not sorry try again next year and maybe the year after that and after that and after that, and if you are not informed enough after that many attempts, thanks for the money anyways. Now, please make sure you are strapped in tightly, sitting back with your back touching the back of your seat, and you and all other objects are steady because we don't want you or anythng else toppling over during take off. Again thank you and enojoy. Now, here is Mrs. Know it All your toursit, to take you through this journey.

Loud noises as the two exchange the mike.

Hey, Hey, Hey People are you ready to get this journey started. Come on count down with me as we prepare for take off. Everyone: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and......... Take oooooooooooffffffffffffff!!!

Rattling and shaking from Jup Shuttle while taking off.

Okay, hold your cool people. We will reach Jupiter in appoximately Doing calculations out loud " Ummmmm Jupiter is about five times farther from Earth as Earth is from the sun. Let's see — the distance between Earth and the sun is about 93 million miles, so the distance to Jupiter is about 500 million miles. So since we are traveling thousands of miles per hour, it will take us about ---six years to reach jupiter."

Six years later

Alrightee then people! We have reached our destination. Now, we are traveling along Jupiter's rings, Gossamers and the Main ring. And, in advance I apologize to any of you who may or may not have bad sinus or allergies, becuase these rings are said to be made up of kicked up dust particles from Jupiter. Just joking this shuttle is made to keep all harmful effects out. So, you do not have to worry about dropping dead at any second. (Laughing by self) "Ha Ha Ha Ha H-A H-A H-AAAA. Silence because no one else thought it was funny.But, as you may look on the big screen, you will see from the telescopes on the out side of the shuttle, the four largest moons of Jupiter. These four moons are: Metis, Adrastea, Amlthea and Thebe. As you can tell these moons are not perfectly shaped at all. FYI: Metis is the closest moon to Jupiter as you can see on the screen. It is 25 miles/40 kilometers in diameter, orbits 79,500 miles/128,000 kilometers from Jupiter, has a mass of 9 * 10 kg to the 16th power, it orbits Jupiter in 0.294780 Earth days and was discovered by Stephen Synnott (Voyager 2) in the 1980s. Adrastea is the second closest moon to Jupiter, 12 miles/20 kilometers from Jupiter, within its main ring, Adrastea and Metis are said to be the source of the dust in this ring mass, has a mass of 1.91 * 10 kg to the 16th power, orbits Jupiter in 0.29826 Earth days and was discovered by E. Jewitt and E. Danielson (Voyager 2) in 1979. Amlthea is the third closest moon to Jupiter, reddest object in the solar system, 145 * 91 * 83 miles/232 * 146 * 134 kilometers in diameter, orbits 112,700 miles/181,300 kilometers from Jupiter. It is said that within the faint Gossamer ring, Amalthea and Thebe are likely to provide the dust from the Gossamer ring. Amlthea has a mass of 7.2 * 10 kg to the 21 power, orbits Jupiter in 0.49817905 Earth days and it is in synochronous roation- same side always facing Jupiter, gives off more energy than it receives from the Sun and it was discovered by Edward Emerson Barnard in 1892. Thebe is the fourth closest moon to Jupiter, 68 * 56 miles/110 * 90 kilometers in diameter, orbits 138,000 miles/222,000 kilometers from Jupiter, has a mass on 8 * 10 kg to the 17th power, orbits Jupiter in 0.6745 Earth days and is also in synchronous rotation and was discovered by Stephen Synnott (Voyager 1) in 1980. Now my question to you all is, "Which moon would you prefer to live on?" Well, I would prefer to live on Amlthea. I say this because just imagine living there, everything you see is probably red. If you are not seeing red then something must be wrong with your eye site. I think it would be kool because on Earth almost everything thing has its own specific color. For example, grass-green, sky-blue, dirt-brownish black. But, there everything is red. The only time it would seem red is when there is no sun shining. At night the stars shining would be little red twinkling stars above you. I think it would be cool to live on Amlthea. " Oh My God, is it me or is it hot?" Boy I sure hope you all were smart enough to have packed for cold and hot weather. I say this because Jupiter's stripes and swirls are cold, windy clouds of ammonia and water. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a giant storm as wide as three Earths. This storm is known to have been going on for hundreds of years. There is dangerous radiation, too. It gets very hot and very cold at times. Talk about bad weather." Scientists think Jupiter's core may be a thick, super hot soup. It might be up to 50,000°F. That is hot!!! Well, good thing this shuttle was specailly made to keep those type of harmful things out of here. Well, time for a rest from all this scientifically stuff, until next time and next journey!!! Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoyed the view and information. I hope to see some of you next year who hunger for more. And left with words of wisdom, "Education expands daily and is for a lifetime!" Well, until next time people! Ne-Ne 23:48, 21 October 2007 (UTC) Summer Ne-Ne 02:43, 12 October 2007 (UTC)SumSum08

Here on Europa things are in a state of chaos. Just recently the Externovae made their way through the surface. Their colonies on the outer crust have disrupted our biocycle. We call ourselves Lochnae as the Externovae call themselves "humans". Our data retrieval team discovered that the Extranovae have decided to extend their colonization downward, into our liquid biosphere. They plan to harvest the heat generated in this subterranean ocean. They require the heat to generate power for light and warmth. For us natives however, light is unnesessary. We possess most of the same senses as the Extranovae, such as smell, touch, taste, and hearing. However, we have no eyes to see with, so we "see" our enviroment in a way similar to that of the Extranovae's sonar. We plan to take no action against the Extranovae. Soon the magnetic feilds of our planet will shift, destroying all of their electromagnetic equipment. They are not yet aware of us Lochnae, and they never will be. B-rock