Hello! I am one of the moons on Jupiter. I have been here for many years and it is time for me to tell my life story of how I make it. My name is Europa, my founder is Galileo(father) discovered me. Jupiter is not one of the best places to stay, but it is a very interesting place. We go through alot of weather changes here because of Jupiter's rings. Oh! and do not forget about the Great Eye, he can be so rude at times. He thinks because he has privelge of always being with Jupiter that he can be mean to my other siblings. I guess because of all of the attention he gets. Supposedly, has been being observed for more than 300 years, its rotation indicates the GRS is a high pressure region. The cloud tops are significantly higher and colder than surrounding regions. I forget to mention them, their names are Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and of course me. We enjoy each other very much. Because we are the know to be the four brightest objects in the sky after the sun, moon, and venus. Well, I just decided to take a break, to meet my brothers and sisters. We will have to continue this conversation later tonight. Call me!!!

Well, I am back, we are 778,330,000 km from the sun. It is not as far as it may seem and we also have a mass of 1.900e27 kg THAT IS HUGE!!!!! The atmosphere around here is something else we have VERY VERY STRONG WINDS!!! We have an array of belts and zones which rotate in an east direction. The speed is fast like lighting. The speed is about 300 km/hr and this has been like this all of my life. You might not be able to see it, but Jupiter has bright rings with vivid colors which are a subtle chemical reaction of elements on our atmosphere. You know how the winds are very high. We have a core something like yours, its very rocky and is 10 to 15 Earth's mass. Lets get to the FUN STUFF!!!!

Let me tell!!!! Let me tell You!!! A story about Voyager 1. This Voyager was the one that discovered the rings on Jupiter. This was the best experience of my life. Considering that I live on this planet I did not know what happened with the rings, why were they there. The rings never talk to us because they do not stay there for a long time due to the atmosphereic and magnetic drag. Me and my brothers and sisters would like to be their friends. Voyager 1 also discovered me and my brothers and sisters. The called us the "Galilean Moons". Also discovered that there are many others like us but my dad said that there not related to us. Me, Io, and Ganymede are locked together in a 1:2:4 orbital and we evovle together. Our forces are changing which is what was discovered by the Voyager also, but I do not feel anything.

Now, that you know about the Voyager 1, let me tell about Jupiter. You can see us at any time (pretty much). At nighttime, we are the brightest star in the sky. If you look through a telescope you can see me at anytime. Maybe send me a signal. There are 63 satellites that watch over us all the time and let you people on Earth know our business. Earth people are so noisey. I know that you are probably bored about me telling you about these things that happen on Jupiter, but this all I know cause I never go anywhere. Maybe one you can come get me to visit Earth. Don't you guys have holidays. Well, maybe I could come for a holiday. Well, I think it is enough about me, lets here about you and your family.