sorrryy we're so late! shooting stars, space shuttle crashes, satellites, asteroids, astronaunts, astrology, astronomers, galaxies, stars in general.

Please hit Tilda 4 times, so I can readily see who posted that (otherwise, I have to go to the history page).

Shooting stars, Asteroids, Galaxies, stars... no. I'll do those pretty well. Astrology is definitely taken (and waaaay too popular).

That leaves you with... 1)Space Shuttle crashes, OK, but another group may be doing that. Talk about it OUT LOUD in class, so we can see if there is a conflict. 2)Astronauts, all of em? Cool. Or you could pick a specific group and talk about them... are they people, or are they just a bunch of mission monkeys without faces? 3)Astronomers... could be interesting. You should pick a century or a couple of decades. That should give you plenty of people to talk about.

Better hurry........Leesonma 04:07, 5 September 2007 (UTC)