First Grading Period Project Basic Idea: Movie on Kepler and his relation to shapes (Biography movie I guess you could call it) His concepts, ideas, effect, and laws will be explained through this movie along with pictures (possibly videos). Individual jobs will include researching, editing, construction, and whatever else STEREOTYPE: edit and construct movie

LILWILLZ: gather info, edit movie

TALL AWKWARD GUY: edit and construct movie

BIG DADDY: construction of rap

B: present project, idea


all coming together to finalize the most amazing biography movie of all time

Video Layout:

  1. cover (intro)- introduce group and topic of video
  2. Childhood- raised poor, very intelligent, banned from churches, intro to works with scientists and mathematicians
  3. 1st book- (1st and 2nd law) with orbit video
  4. 2nd book- (3rd law)
  5. 3rd book- (influence on calc) (derive video)
  6. death
  7. Firsts that Kepler influenced and did

Most agreed for project to be around 120 points Page created by: Lilwillz