GoRight.gif MASP = Mid Atlantic Star Party
Panorama of MASP 2002 Field by George Chakhtoura

My MASP Experience

The basic MASP experience is that of sharing a field and observing under dark skies with hundreds of other astronomers and telescopes. Friends are made, astronomical objects are shared and questions about various telescopes, accessories and techniques are discussed. MASP is a place and time, the MASP event is truely the interaction of the participants with each other, their telescopes, equipment and the night skies.

MASP attendees are invited to freely edit these pages with the purpose of sharing the benefits of participation and improving the MASP experience for others. The nature of wiki web pages is that contributions may be edited, altered, or removed by others. In this way each participant may contribute some of their own talents and experience, correct misspellings, grammar and style to your satisfaction or add your own content, photos and links. Editorial conflicts may be resolved peaceably via archived discussions and agreement or administratively. The edit tags provided within this document permit editing the section following the edit tags. Minor reorganization of this wiki is invited as you see a need, major reorganizations should be discussed first.

The Structure that makes MASP Work

Behind the scenes is basic physical site related logistics. The location provides a parking field and an activity field. Parking is permitted on the activity field however the necessity of controlling lighting means vehicle lights are not used on the activity field after dark. The parking field is separated from the observing field by a buffer of trees permitting night time use of lights.

The activity field (main observing field) is divided by temporary roads 20 feet wide and marked with centerlines painted on the ground. Tents, telescopes and accessories may be set up 10 feet or more from the centerlines of the roads. There is a telescope only area for attendees who choose to camp in the woods or along the tree line.

Features and Proposed Improvements

The general format invites an explanation of what has been the pattern that has worked in the past. Please jump in and fill in missing information. The proposed improvement section is the place to identify problems to be solved and propose solutions. Good solutions are low effort, low oversight, user friendly and effective.