Hey what happened to the Great Dark Spot?

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In the dept of outer space where no man on Earth has traveled, is a world known only by what our telescopes tell us. We know about Neptune, a gaseous planet with its icy and never ending night. it possible that there maybe some knowledge we are missing? Perhaps, some information we don't know about or somethings we may never have even talked about? Perhaps life that has yet to be discovered. This is why I have volunteered to travel the dangerous trip to the far end of our solar system. With the advanced technology and spacecrafts, it will only take about 7 months to reach instead of the many years to travel the near 3 billion mile distance. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF!!!! I am on my way to see what we have been missing.

As I orbit my APPLE 931 special spacecraft around Neptune, I prepare myself for a high dive. "Man, it's freezing", I think to myself as the 300 below temperature takes its toll. I dress in the heaviest and most advanced space ware and leap to knowledge. On my slow way down, crystals pop and prick at my space suit. I get a great view of what I think is the irregular moon Triton. Half way down I see movement on the gassy grounds. “Could it be what I think it is”, I say to myself. Upon my landing, strange floating creatures gather around me as they whisper among each other. Then out of the pile, one floated up to me, “where are you from?”, he spoke loudly. “I am from planet Earth, and I am here to explore.”

They all looked at each other with confusion. “My God!, since when was there life on the planet Earth. We have tried to travel many times but it is entirely too hot for us to withstand, and we cannot breathe,” they explained. I looked around at all the other creatures still staring, but now in fascination. Then another floated forward, “Welcome to planet Neptune, I am Nepshimi, the son of our great king Nepaso.” As I extended my hand, a huge gust of icy wind started whirling around us building faster and faster with every second, beyond a category 5 hurricane. All the creatures scurried as I stood there frightened not knowing what was going on. Nepshimi grabbed me and quickly led me to safety. “Thats a very dangerous storm,” Nepshimi informed. “Many of us have gotten killed or seriously injured by that. They seem to last forever, thats why we move around the planet so often.” Nepshimi led me to what looked like their village which everyone looked at me as if I were a display at the most famous historical museum. “I am taking you to meet my dad, King Nepaso.” When we reached King Nepaso he shook my hand and gave the same greeting his son did. He called a few people to lead me to a resting place but Nepshimi volunteered to do the job.

As Nepshimi and I float on the outer surface of the great planet I notice the biggest and brightest stars that you can never see on Earth. “What is that big bright star over there?”, I ask pointing at the one that caught my attention first. “Oh, thats just the sun,” he stated. “We don't get much light out here but its beautiful to watch everything isn't it. Good thing our planet provides its own heat, otherwise we'd be crystallized.”

Being with Nepshimi was like being with a personal teacher. He taught me about their rings represent each of the great kings of planet Neptune. “I thought they meant something else,” I said. “You Earthlings always think things but never know. You probably have named them already as if they had no names,” he yelled. I turned away not knowing what to say about our confused planet. “So what names did they give them?” he asked. “Well,” I started, “They named the outer one Adam, and its arcs Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, they named the last one Galle, and the one before that Leverrier. The other one is nameless, and they get their names from those who noticed that this planet even existed, but thats another story.” Having heard enough Nepshimi left me for a while and came back with a device that was as small some binoculars.

“This is our planet out look device,” he said. I had to think about it for a while and then I excitedly said A TELESCOPE! Nepshimi looked at me and did the goofiest laugh, and then focused his attention back on a far away, barely seen star. “Look through this,” he said. I did as I was told and saw another planet. “Which planet is that?” I asked. “Its Earth,” he said. “But that doesn't look like Earth, its tilted the wrong way,” I said once again confused. Then I thought about it, Neptune has a 28.3 degree tilt. Maybe thats why Earth looks so different from here. “Yep,” Nepshimi said. “Was I thinking out loud?” I asked. “I swear I was thinking.”

“Maybe, its just our air. You're probably not used to the methane,” he told me. “Yea, I actually feel like I'm getting high, I feel delirious.” He told me to calm down and don't breathe too deeply but it was too late. I passed out from the atmosphere. When I woke up from my temporary coma Nepshimi rushed up to me extremely excited. “You're in luck,” he said. “You came the time when we are the last planet.” I looked up baffled, still in somewhat of a trance. “What are you talking about?” I ask. “Just look”, he said smiling.

I stared at the sky and I see so clearly the small rock like planet in between us and the sun. It was the most amazing thing I seen since I've been here. I started feeling drowsy and ready to sleep, its been a really long day and the day isn't even over. Nepshimi led me back to my resting place but was pointless because I had to sleep while floating since there was no ground. There was only interesting walls around me so I wouldn't float off into the dark space world. I decided that after I sleep I will be making my way back to the planet I know best to inform everyone about the planet they know least.

When I wake up Nepshimi leads me to a familiar place. It seemed to be something like a church in which they worshiped the God of Sea. I watch silently as they chant spiritual sayings in a language I have never heard of. After all was done I informed Nepshimi of my departure and he told me to wait. He quickly floated to his father and whispered something in his ear and King Napaso began to speak. “Dear my fellow Neptunians, I am sad to say that our Earth visitor will be leaving us soon. On behalf of planet Neptune we would like to thank you for your journey to our planet. I hope you have learned as much about us as we have learned about you.” Everyone clapped their hands as I started gliding to my floating spacecraft. I waved goodbye and was on my way to the planet I know best.

When I safely returned to Earth, so many of my fellow astronomers were asking me a billion questions at once. They wanted to know every detail about what happened and what I saw. The story was still so unbelievable to me that all I said was, we are not alone. I then walked outside into the starry night and looked into the sky. I started thinking about the things I seen and everything the people on Earth don't know about Neptune. Maybe there is life on every planet. Someone else will have to make that trip because I'm tired and I'm happy to be back home.

just suggestions...I like your thoughts, but they were kinda like ramblings, stuck together and not organized. I hope that helps!--Sadavy 20:01, 5 October 2007 (UTC)


-September 23, 1846
-by Johann Gottfried Galle
  • Eighth planet from the sun, fourth largest in diameter
  • 1613-Galileo observed Neptune when it was near Jupiter
  • has only been visited by one spacecraft, Voyager 2 on Aug 25 1989
  • the smallest of the four "gas giants"

  • average distance from sun: 2.8 billion miles
  • diameter: 49,532 km (equatorial)
  • mass: 1.0247e26 kg
  • atmosphere: mostly hydrogen and helium with a small amount of methane
  • average cloud temperature: from -240 degrees to 330 degrees F
  • average temperature on Neptune: -373 degrees F
  • orbits the sun every 165 years
-a day on Neptune is about 16 hours 6.7 minutes
  • tilt of axis: 28.32 degrees
  • for brief periods of time Neptune crosses Pluto's highly elliptical orbit, making Pluto the 8th planet from the Sun and Neptune the furthest


-absorption of red light by methane in the atmosphere
-unidentified chromophore


-rapid and causes large storms or vortices
-fastest in the solar system
-reaching 2000 km/hour


-radiates more than twice as much energy it recieves from the sun


-a great storm which moves about 700 mph
-Neptunes most prominent feature
-Southern hemisphere
-about the same diameter as the Earth
-generates cirrus clouds made of crystals of frozen methane
-seems to have disappeared and returned in another area


-small irregular white cloud
-passes around Neptune every 16 hours


-four rings
-one ring has an odd twisted structure
-they are very dark but their composition is unknown
-each ring has a name
-outermost: Adam-contains three prominent arcs named Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
-an unnamed ring co-orbital with Galatea
-Leverrier-outer extensions are called Lassell and Arago
-lastly- Galle: faint but broad

Neptune's Moon -largest Moon is Trition

Roman Mythology: Neptune (Greek: Poseidon) was the god of the sea