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A. Saturn is not the only planet with rings

a. Neptune has rings
b. rings are make of rocks and dirt
c. cant reflect light that well, thats why we cant see it

B.Neptunes moons (all 13)

a. Naiad
b. Thalassa
c. Despina
d. Galatea
e. Larissa (found in 1981 when it was blocking a star)
f. Proteus (2nd largest in orbit)
g. Titon (had a retrograding orbit)(2/3 the size of earths moon)
h. Nereid  (has a highly elliptical orbit that causes it to swing around neptune at various distances.) (closest-834,210 miles.....farther-6,006,870 miles)

C. Moons close to nepune

e.these moons orbit withing neptunes rings
f.not much is know about these


a. one of the only three moons  to have an atmospher
b.triton is the biggest moon of neptune
c.this moon is covered whit ice.
d.triton had geysers that shoot ice 5 miles into its thin atmosphere
e.there is water under the ice of triton and it is even possible that things could live in the water.
f.triton has a retrograde orbit. (orbits the opposite way of Neptune
g.2/3 the size of Earths moon.

E. newest moons

a. Halimede
b. Sao
c. Laomedeia
d. Psamathe
e. Neso
f. these were discovered between 2002 and 2003