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Upcoming Events==

New Mexico is one of the most active amateur astronomy areas in the world. If your club or special interest group is having an astronomical meeting, event, or party that you want to share with the public, please post it below and add you web address if appropriate.

For specific details see hosting organization's web site below

  • November 6 TAAS School Outreach Star Party at Cochiti Elementary School
  • November 9 TAAS Edgewood Public Star Party
  • November 10 TAAS GNTO New Moon Observing
  • November 13 Rio Rancho High School Star Party, Rio Rancho High School
  • November 17 RRAS Monthly meeting and stargaze, Coronado State Monument. [Special Guest Speaker will be Dr. Larry Crumpler, lead geologist of the Spirit & Opportunity Mars Rovers]

Rio Rancho Astronomical Society Events (RRAS)

Amateur Astronomers Group (AAG)

The Alamagordo Astronomy Club Events (TAAC)

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society Events (TAAS)

The Earthrise Institute (TEI)