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The Beginning

"Just what are those floating rocks or chunks of ice in space?" was the main question that I would ask myself everyday. I searched and searched and finally, after many long years, I found an answer; They were called comets or asteroids. Instead of finding peace with this however, I found more questions to overload my head with lice. I wanted to know how they came to be, where they come from, and how to choose and get a comet named after me. I mean, people do this all the time with stars or regular things on earth so I have as much right as them. I know that I have been rambling about comets but they are the only things in my mind. I guess you could say that I'm fascinated like all the other boys when I first heard of meteorites falling on earth and creating huge craters. I mean who wouldn't be astonished with all the explosions, impacts, and craters big enough to build a home? Perhaps, I should go build my comet cottage in one, but i hope it won't get deeper by another falling comet.
In my opinion, raining rocks and ice falling toward you is very interesting but do remember to run. I have never been in such an incident but I would like to be close so I can see it all in motion. Oh well, I'm boring anyway so if you want to get off my mind's ship, then please do so now. I'm going on a personal adventure to the get the answer to my biggest question and find the universal treasure. I'm going to find the mother of all comets and NO..I'm not talking about the Kuiper Belt but there are clues from it that will help me in my endeavor. This leads me to suspect that the mother of all comets is close if not farther from the Kuiper Belt. Our journey will lead us to the treasure but of course we will discover many more mysteries on the way. Hopefully, I won't fall asleep on you and get you back safely. Do remember to pray before boarding and welcome aboard to Oorts Mind Ship.
Finally, we are off our planet Earth and in the big open space!! I'm really excited as I hope to find my treasure. By the way, do you feel as if you can't breathe? Well I hate to tell you, the reason why, is the open space above our heads! Indeed, no roof for the ship! I don't have a lot of money so try to conserve any oxygen you have....what? Oh! I'm sorry we are on a mind ship so oxygen is not an issue! Be calm and was a joke! Anyway, as you can see our Earth is big and beautiful! Although, that isn't the point of this trip so we will be moving on. Anyway, we are now flying away from the sun and sooner than later, you will start to notice the affect in the change of gravity!! Now, I will give you some information on the treasure we are going to find. It is the Oort Cloud!! What? It’s a real name people and not one made up on the spot. Anyway, I believe that it is the mother or home base of my beloved comets.
Why do I believe so? That is, I have found three interesting facts through my research that gives me a good base for this theory. Comets in general are found to not have a real orbit like the Earth, the moon, planets, and the stars. The second thing I have noticed, and yes its me who noticed all this and not some other scientist who spent nearly all their lives looking at the sky for other good things, but less important than my comets to realize these facts. Anyway, the comets seem to have a really long distance away from the sun in their orbits. Can you believe that? It’s like the Earth or Mars have a double or maybe triple orbit away from the sun. It’s like the apocalypse on Earth except maybe more Ice Age style if you get me. It's very similar to Mars being possible to get a drink! After all with change, I can just say that miracles or chaos happens. Finally, after getting off track, the third fact that led me to this like a really good fish bait or in my case good food is that the comets come from any direction. I really mean any direction. It’s like just walking down the road when a bunch of cars, people, and bikes zoom pass you or nearly hit you, but then after that you wouldn't be alive to tell. Just kidding..sheesh, grow a funny bone! Oh wait. We already have one..hehe.
We are not going to talk about the planets or stars, but we are going to get straight to the goal that I was looking far. The Oort Cloud is supposed to stretch all the way to the end of our solar system. It is just that big. On the other hand, don't believe it is a big white cloud back on earth. Nope, as you can see it is trillions or billions of chunks of ice, comets, and rocks. So it's definitely not cute or picture material. It’s just too big for the technology we have or even in the far picture to take a whole picture of it. But, do you know that if we decided to fly through the cloud to the outside of our solar system; we would most likely not get hit even once. The things orbiting in the cloud are just too far away from in each other so it is not dense in there. What was the question you said? OH! You wanted to know how such a magnificent and grand phenomenon exists?! Well, let me tell you and boy, it makes me really excited. Yep, I have such a great career!
The Oort Cloud is basically just what is left from the great explosion that our sun, planets, and stars form from. The materials in the Oort Cloud was originally floating around the sun because of gravity and boredom if you ask me. I mean, I know that its great being around the sun because its warm and bright but don't you just want to see more fantastic stuff that are beyond the sun?! It seems that the materials or things were pulled away from the sun slowly by other things that had a greater gravitational pull. As they were getting stolen away from the big guy, they were scattered everywhere by what; I have no idea. I think that, since the big guy didn't feeling like losing, he was able to retrieve some of his friends. He held them close to him with his gravity which caused them to orbit around him in a donut shaped formation forming what I call, the inner cloud. The other lucky ones were able to orbit in a spherical shape around the rest of their buddies. They are not affected by the sun's gravitational pull and orbit in a sphere shape around their inner buddies. These guys form the outer cloud as they surround everything inside our solar system. Oh, I completely forgot to introduce myself to you; how rude of me. My name is Jan Hendrik Oort. I'm a Dutch astronomer and you can say that the one who inspired me with his theory that comets came from an orbiting cloud near the end of our solar system. He is called Ernst Öpik and is Estonian. And it is certainly very nice to meet you.
By the way, we are very very far from home if you would like to know. As you can imagine, there is no way for you or me to see the Oort Cloud spreads about a grand eighteen trillion miles from the sun. Our solar system is extremely smaller than the whole cloud in space but greater in mass. Why you say? That is because all the mass of our solar system is concentrated in the center of the cloud. It’s true when you think about it. Our sun, planets, stars, even asteroids and many other things is inside the cloud. The true size and mass of all the things in the cloud cannot be measured. There are simply too many things and our technology is not even close to the Kuiper Belt. The total mass of comets in the cloud is maybe about 40 times the mass of the Earth. As I have been trying to say the cloud is a home to many comets if not the majority. Some comets that were in the cloud are currently orbiting inside our solar system closer to the sun. That is possible by a second force you can say that pulls one of the comets into the inner solar system. Once it comes in, it immediately gets closer to the sun and nearly or hits the sun; or flies past and begins to orbit around the sun in a long ellipse. Some would take hundreds of years to return for us to be able to see.
Now, my brain is hurting a lot. Must be that crazy new coffee on the market with added energy boosters. In any case, it is finally time to be heading home. It’s unfortunate that I cannot get any picture of the cloud. I'm quite sure that someone would put in the effort and draw at least a smaller scale picture of how the cloud should look like. By the way, as you probably guessed since the beginning, the cloud is name after me. It's my dream come true. I don't get a puny comet named after me, but a whole big cloud full of them. I really can't wait to tell my wife, but then she might just tell me that I’m dreaming. What can I say, dreaming and thinking is my life. By the way, you don't have to worry if you will land safely because whether you noticed or not; this is my mind ship. Its not an actual one and so you couldn't have died in the first place. You have never truly existed but my findings about the Oort cloud are all true. Our ancestors are not lying when they say that your mind can take you beyond what you can only see. This is goodbye from Jan Oort and the discovery of the Oort Cloud.

What is it?

  • The Oort Cloud is a giant spherical cloud containing trillions of ice, rocky matter, and comets.

How did it start?

1.The ice and rocks in the Oort Cloud floated around the sun before they
were pulled away by gravity.
     a.Other gas giants than the sun pulled them away.  
  2.Then all the ice chunks and rocks were scattered.
     b.This caused the cloud to become spherical shaped.  
  3.The objects in the cloud are kept away from the sun by the gravity of the other stars.

Who suggested that it exists and why?

1.In 1932, Ernst Öpik, who was an Estonian astronomer suggested that
comets came from an orbiting cloud situated near the edge of the solar 
  2.In 1950, a Dutch astronomer named Jan Hendrik Oort, explains the 
creation of comets and the existence of the Oort Cloud which was named 
after him.
    a.Jan Oort discovered three things that helped him determine the 
Oort's Cloud existence:
       1.No comets were found to have an orbit which meant that it came 
from a farther place than the sun.
       2.Some comets are noticed to have a long distance away from the sun in their orbit.
       3.Comets come from any direction.

Simple Facts

1. The cloud extends about 30 trillion kilometers or 18 trillion miles 
from the sun.
2. It completely surrounds our entire solar system.
3. The end of the Oort Cloud is considered to be the end of our solar 
    1a.Sun has little to no influence farther away from inner cloud
4. Billions of icy bodies and rocky substances orbits inside the Oort 
    a.Sometimes a moving star messes up the orbit of one of these icy 
    b.The frozen rock flies out of the outer cloud, into the inner cloud, and enters the solar system.
5. The Oort Cloud is said to be the home of all comets, like Hailey's 
comets especially the inner cloud.
6. The size and mass of the Oort Cloud is not known because it is unable 
to be measured.
7. It is said to have two layers: 
    a.The inner cloud which is disc-shaped and is more influenced by the 
gravitational pull of the sun. 
    b.The outer cloud is spherical and has little gravitational influence by the sun.
8. Total mass of comets in Oort Cloud is about 40X the mass of the Earth. 
     1a.The comets orbit extremely far away from each other despite the 
number of comets within the cloud.
9. The Oort Cloud can be affected by tidal or molecular forces. 
     1a.Examples = stars or a giant cloud of cold hydrogen

10. Two main classes of comets are short-period and long-period comets.

11. The main reason comets enter our Solar System is believed to be interaction between the Sun's Oort Cloud and the gravitational fields of near-by stars or giant molecular clouds.


  • (there will be no actual pictures. why?)
  • This picture is not mine.
1.Cloud is too huge and very very far away.
2.The Oort Cloud does not have a definite form being that it is not a huge mass of matter. 
    b.It is a trillion chunks of ice and rock orbiting far away from each other.

Oort Cloud


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