Physics II Leeson Name___________________________________ Block______ Date___________________ Test II Optics


    A.  Focal Point		F.  Concave
    B.  Focal Length		G.  Convex
    C.  Object Distance	H.  f-ratio
    D.  Image Distance		I.  milli-
    E.  Magnification		J.  kilo-
  ___1.  Distance from a thing to the lens.
  ___2.  After parallel rays pass through a lens, they converge at this place.
  ___3.  The number of times an object is enlarged when seen through a telescope.

II. Lenses A. Label each lens type and B. Tell what each one does with parallel rays.

 A.______________	________________	________________	________________	_______________
 B.______________	________________	________________	________________	_______________

converge or diverge?

III.Problems – Show all work and formulas. Put answers in the blanks to the left of the questions. Draw diagrams!! (4)

____________If your object distance is 100cm, and your image distance is 15cm, what is the focal length of the lens?

____________If your object distance is 12,345,678cm and your image distance is 40cm, what is the focal length of the lens?

IV. Describe the Image if..... (tell about its location and size, whether it is real or virtual, and whether it is upright or inverted (5))

1,...If the object is beyond f2.

2,...If the object is between f1 and f2.