This is a list of Uranus' moons listed in order distanced from the planet.

  • means it has retrograde orbit.

a. Cordelia
b. Ophelia
c. Bianca
d. Cressida
e. Desdemona
f. Juliet
g. Portia
h. Rosalind
i. Cupid
j. Belinda
k. Perdita
l. Puck
m. Mab
n. Miranda
o. Ariel
p. Umbriel
q. Titania
r. Oberon
s. Francisco
t. Caliban*
u. Stephano*
v. Trinculo*
w. Sycorax*
x. Margaret
y. Prospero*
z. Setebos*
a1. Ferdinand
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