What has been done in the past:

Since MASP year 2 lines have been painted on the grass. Lime applied as on a football field was rejected because of the dust during dry periods. Commercial pavement striping paint via applicator, spray cans with trigger handle, and diluted paint applied by garden sprayer.

So far the best and easiest lines have been applied using a garden sprayer. Extending the wand a couple of feet to place the nozzle inches from the ground has been benefitial.

Laying out the lines using string adds substantially to the straightness of the lines. What the problem to be solved is:

It has been suggested that this may be futher improved by making a two wheeled cart to carry the weight of a filled sprayer and to place the nozzle consistantly at the best distance from the ground.

Proposed improvement:

Evaluation of implementation:

  • resources
  • timing
  • documentation