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What has been done in the past

If you must drive away at night, you should park in the separate parking field so you can depart without your lights blinding the remaining observers. This rule and the availability of a parking field is one of the unique benefits of the MASP Party Radio was not operational at MASP 2004

What the problem to be solved is

Because parking is not monitored, people have demonstrated a tendency to park adjacent to the entrance road as it passes across the North end of the parking field. Doing so results in a line of cars that blocks access to the rest of the field. Various techniques have been tried to get people to park in several rows perpendicular to the road instead of a single row parallel to the road. The most effective technique so far has been to "seed" the parking field with a vehicle or two demonstrating how to make open ended rows of cars.

Proposed improvement

Paint parking lines.

This suggestion is generally rejected as it conflicts with the painting of road centerlines on the observing field. Painted centerlines has worked so well for a decade on the activity field, is relatively easy to apply and attendees are familiar with painted centerlines.

Painting road center lines on the parking field would be consistant with past application and may be just enough to supplement "seed" vehicles in guiding good parking field habits.

Evaluation of implementation

  • resources
  • timing
  • documentation

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