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How it has been done at MASP

At the 2nd MASP, Hideaki Kimura inquired about where to submit a telescope he had made to compete with other hand made telescopes. Hideaki was invited to co-ordinate such a contest that year and for future years. A couple of years later he proposed to facilitate a photo contest. Hideaki continued to administer the photo contest until his employment relocated him back to Japan. Keith Pearman, a friend of Hideaki has organized the MASP photo contest since then.

Proposed improvements

The photos are difficult to display due to the mostly outdoor nature of MASP. The photos are hard copy and thus most do not get displayed on the web site. Therefore this proposal is for a web based photo contest which could feature photos to those taken at MASP giving entrants the bulk of the year to develop and post their entries so more folks can see the results.

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