Physics II Observation Journal Homework Series

  1. Find your Observation spot. It should be a spot where: you have permission to be, it is as dark as possible, and has as few sky obstructions as possible. At the back of your notebook, begin your journal by drawing your surroundings. This should be done from a point of view above you, and should include an X to mark where you are standing or sitting.
  2. Find North. Use a compass, and app, the sunset, or some other technique. Mark North on your observation diagram.
  3. Measure the angle of your obstacles above the horizon in degrees. Label them on your diagram. The point of this activity is to keep a record of what objects most obscure your sky, and to practice using the Quadrant.
  4. Find the North Star (Polaris). Face due North and it is 30 degrees above the horizon. Use whatever resources necessary to find it and be sure that you have found it.
  5. Ongoing... Draw your North.
  6. Ongoing... Draw the Moon.