Hold an egg at ceiling height. Drop it. What happens? Can you design a vehicle that will prevent the egg from breaking or cracking? That's not really so hard if you think about what you will use inside the container to cushion the egg's fall. Let's make it more challenging -- let's use 2 (3 for honors) eggs. And, let's restrict your volume. Really restrict it! Now can you do it?


To design and build a vehicle with limited dimensions, that will prevent uncooked eggs from breaking or cracking when dropped from a height of over 5 m. To Calculate maximum velocity, and other Energy-related issues.

Design Parameters

The container must be less than 5000 cubic centimeters in volume with no dimension greater than 25cm. Thus, parachutes are not really an option. Maximum mass (including eggs) is 0.65kg. Students must be able to easily remove the eggs after the container is dropped, without damaging the project or the eggs. In other words, do not plan a project with multiple layers that will take a long time to disassemble. Similarly, do NOT design a project that must be assembled at the last minute in class. A single piece of tape or rubber band should be sufficient to keep the eggs in place. Plan well. The Grade A Large Eggs (m_avg = 75g) will be provided by the teacher on the day of the contest.

Testing Conditions

1.Containers must be constructed prior to the school day of testing. Get 3 eggs as soon as you enter class and seal the container.

2.Both members of each student group will bring the assembled container containing the eggs to the instructor, so that all dimensions can be checked – lengths, volume, mass.

3.A representative from the student group will drop the container (with eggs) from designated height. If this is done indoors, a tray will be provided to catch the container. Another representative from the lab group will be positioned next to the tray. You may not want the container to bounce after landing!

4.After the drop, the container will be opened. A representative of the student group will remove each egg. Each will be examined for cracks or breakage. The first egg must be handed to the teacher within 30s after the vehicle hits the ground and the last one within 1 minute of the drop.

5.Students are responsible for cleaning up and removing all items from the testing area.

Grading (100 points total)

1. Performance (group grade) – 60 pts
loss of 8 (6 H) points for each egg broken
exceeding maximum dimension -- loss of 10 points
exceeding maximum volume -- loss of 10 points
exceeding maximum mass -- loss of 10 points
5 point bonus for least massive project (with 0 broken eggs)
5 point bonus for project with least volume (with 0 broken eggs)
2. Summary worksheet (individual grade) - 40 pts