Elements Project

My Elements: ______ ______ ______

15cm X 15cm Construction paper or poster board:
Green - Man-made (synthetic)
Red - Solid at room temperature
Yellow - Liquid at room temperature (there are only 2 yellow elements)
Blue - Gas at room temperature


Atomic Number (3cm tall)
Related Image (5cm tall on top right)
Electron Configuration (along left edge)
Symbol (5cm tall)
Element Name
Atomic Mass (2cm tall)

Suggestions for the Back:

Melting Point
Boiling Point
Who discovered/isolated it?
What is it used for?
How do we get it?
Physical Properties and Chemical Properties
Common Compounds that it is in..
Is it radioactive? If so, what is its half-life?
What are the most interesting things you found out?…

YOU must decide what is important and interesting.

Grading each Element:

Presentation: 10
Format: 10
Critical Info: 15
Extra Info: 5

120 points total

Late Project: -10/day