Physics Phynal Project Name_______________________________________

House Wiring Block____ Date Due____________________


You will build and wire a house to prove that you understand DC circuits, Parallel and Series.

Materials and Minimum Requirements:

  • A House with 4+ rooms
  • Wire
  • Light Bulbs (5+)
  • Light fixtures (Some method of connecting the bulb to the house's wiring system. Have you ever noticed that Christmas-tree lights have bulbs already in their fixtures?)
  • 9V battery (limit 1)
  • Switches (5+)
  • One other device


Your house must be small enough to transport and get into class, but big enough to see into clearly, and reach into easily, so that you can work safely. (Have you ever noticed that cardboard boxes are shaped a lot like houses?) Switches can be purchased or made by you. All electricity will come from one 9V battery mounted outside the house, to represent the power company. Three of the rooms must be wired correctly, and one of the rooms will be wired wrong. The “wrong” room will have 2 light fixtures with one switch each, but they will not work like the other rooms in the house. Not only will the bulbs burn dimly, but both switches must be “on” for either bulb to come on. In the “right” rooms, there is one switch for each bulb, but when the switch is turned on or off, it does not affect the rest of the house. In one or more rooms there must be some extra device with its own switch. Turning it on or off should not affect the rest of the house.

Extra points may be awarded if ADDITIONAL extra electronic devices are in the house and functioning. Decoration is not generally a grading issue, but the house should be organized and wired so that the teacher and the student can see what's going on. Be sure it all works and that your project will not fall apart during the grading and testing process.

You may not have a partner. You will know the project better if you do NOT rely on a partner.

  • Project due on the third-to-last day of the semester.
  • Worksheet to Follow... to be graded on the second-to-last day of the semester.
  • Grade: House (40%), Interview (20%), Worksheet (40%)