Mousetrap Car Contest!

Physics I


Build the fastest mousetrap-powered car,

and make it race as far as possible.


  • Each team must have 2 members.
  • The sole source of energy will be the energy stored in the spring of a mousetrap.
  • Mousetraps will be provided by the teacher.
  • The car must have at least 2 wheels, but you may not use any type of prefabricated wheels, or bearings.
  • The track will be 5m long (6m for honors), and 1m wide.
  • Each team gets 2 runs. Only the better run will be graded and recorded.
  • The car must be designed so that when the timer says “go”, you JUST LET GO of it.
  • Time starts when the car crosses the “start” line.
  • Time will be measured at the crossing of the finish line.
  • Time stops when the car stops, even if it does not cross the finish line.


  • Start with 60 points. (40 points will be for the worksheet afterward)
  • Minus 1 point for every 10cm short of the finish line.
  • Minus 5 if you go off the track.
  • Plus 1 point for every meter that the car goes past the finish line.
  • Plus 5 bonus points for the fastest time across the finish line.

The best projects use everyday items, and cost you ZERO money.

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