This page is here to show you how to write a page and the guidelines and rules to creating a page. You can create a page by

  • 1. Following a link to a page that doesn't exist
  • 2. Requesting a page from a sysop
  • 3. Use the Create Page button on the Special pages

There are 4 kinds of files. If you don't follow these rules any sysop user has the right to either change the content/links, or, depending on the severity of the mistake, the page may be deleted.

Definition Pages

The only requirement is that the article MUST cite its resources properly. Nothing long, think of get-to-the-point, as in do not write to many details, an article like that would be Category section, another type of article. One picture that would, eh, say-it-all would be nice too.

Star Maps

Not much to say about a Star Map other than ANY writing on it must be accurate. Also the Data beneath the star map not only must be accurate, but must specify the details of the map, like time of year, Hemisphere, ect.

Celestial Body

Will be A LOT BETTER with at least one picture! At least 2 paragraphs.

Category section

This is a collection of more that one article or a really long article