Phase I - Research

Random notes
not formatted
Links to sources

Phase II - Organization

Above the "Random notes" add an introduction
On the "Discussion" (talk) page, add an outline
If info in the outline and/or intro duplicate details that are in the random notes/facts/data section, good. You can keep it in the Outline/Intro and remove it from the other sections. You are assigned writing partner(s) at this point. You should compare, discuss, and modify outlines so they are similar to each other - perhaps even identical, if your projects are particularly similar.

Phase III - Writing

Once you've ironed out your outline, copy it to the "Article" (main page), and turn each part of the outline into a section with appropriate emphasis. Start writing paragraphs within the proper sections. As you use information from the random notes/facts/data section, remove them from that messy section, so that you can see your Phase I info shrink.

Phase IV - Convert and Collaborate

Your old Outline topics should now be converted to headings (use equal signs) for each section, above each paragraph (or group of paragraphs). Meanwhile, you and your partner should be helping each other develop a common format/look to your articles, while you edit each others' work as well. You should even have a common format for how you handle images and other media.

Phase V - Connect

Connect your project to the world and to this Wiki by adding links and finishing your bibliography. You should have links that give credit for all of the pictures and information. Use MLA format for your Bibliography. Each article should have AT LEAST 5 links to other articles in this wiki, and AT LEAST 5 links to other web sites.

At this point your article should look something like this.