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Saturn is a fairly large planet, considering it is the 2nd largest planet in our solar system. It is 30 times larger than planet earth. It is about 1190.4 million kilometers away from the earth and 1.429 billion kilometers away from the sun. I suppose you can call it's color a mixture of yellow and orange and most people can identify Saturn by it's rings. This gaseous plant was named after a Roman god.

Many astronomers contributed to our knowledge of Saturn, but Galileo was the first to actually observe it with a telescope. Unfortunately, his telescope was undeveloped at the time, so he couldn't determine what the rings were. He made a hypothesis stating that Saturn's rings were two big moons on both sides of the large planet. when he viewed Saturn a second time, he noticed that his so called moons had disappeared.Little did he know that he viewed Saturn's rings edge-on so they were no longer visible. Finally, he observed Saturn years later and concluded that the rings were some kind of "arms" surrounding the planet. Other astronomers such as Huygens, Cassini, and Keeler also contributed to Saturn.

Saturn has many moons that include Titan, Hyperion, Enceladus, Phoebe, Mimas, and Rhea. Some say there are 31 moons, while others say there are twice as many. No one really knows, because the precise number cannot be given because there is no objective dividing line between orbiting fragments that form Saturn's ring system and the larger objects that have already been named as moons. We do know that there are at least 8 moons because they were discovered using an optical telescope. Saturn also has many satellites and space probes have landed there. Because of the gassy conditions, no man has ever "walked" on Saturn, much less visited.

"Whew, Done with the boring facts. They make me read that... horrible, I know! In all reality, no one knows more about the Planet Saturn, more than I do. Hello earthlings, welcome to mission Saturn! How original, right? My name is Titanie and I will be your host for this trip! Life on Saturn, gets pretty intense. How do I know this? Well, It's my home, silly. :)"

"Ever since the beginning of time, you people have asked the same questions over and over again. Is their life forms outside of planet earth? If so, what is it like? Is it any different from life on earth? Blah Blah Blah. This, my friends, is something I can help you with. I hope you all brought enough supplies for your visit to my planet; we can only stay one day. And I trust that you all have brought your winter clothes, too.. We ARE the 6th planet from the sun, I mean, come on, do the math. Oh and by the way, our days only last 10.5 hours. Yes, i know, it's not NEARLY enough time. Like I haven't heard THAT enough.."

"Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, Saturn is the 2nd largest planet in the solar system, so we have ALOT of room to, pretty much do whatever we want! I'm sure you caught my name already, Titanie. I was named after the brightest and most prettiest moon of Saturn, Titan! I'm also sure that if you own a pair of eyes, you've looked through a telescope before and seen Saturn. It's easily spotted by it's B-E-A- UTIFUL rings, just in case you didn't catch that before. :)"

"Okay, I know you're probably like SHUT UP already; man this 'life form' can talk for HOURS. I get that alot. Tis true, but I shall leave thee alone for now. :) I will be back in approximately 2 hours, GALAXY time, which is quite a while. So, thank you for choosing StarFlights and enjoy your voyage to the one and only.... SATURN!!"

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