My Life As A Titanium Princess

My Home!!

My name is Titashani Maxany Zenonuz and I am a Titashanun. My mom named me after my home planet ,Titan. I guess I'm kind of what you call "LUCKY" since I'm the princess here. I love my home a whole lot. I love the weather which is always cold,umm....I think the temp here is like -178°C or -289°F are something like that. Maybe thats why they call me the "ice princess" since it's so cold here. Hmmm, oh well thats them ,but I just love going swimming in the methane pools when its gets like -280°F here. It just sends my body through a blast of zapperation. I get chills just thinking about it. My boyfriend the prince of Enceladus ,Ernstatun, just loves getting away from his parents and coming here with me to swim in the pools. I love him as much as I love the wayzaya sandwitches from Quizoos! He suppose to come visit me in like 200 zayteens but Gosh it seems like the smog outside is getting thicker or something. He might not be able to see through it. I hope he can though...most likely he will be able to since my dad had some smogsheild whippers installed on his Star the other zaytes. I know if it was me driving my mom would not let. She hates when I drive to school when its that smoggy outside. I just tell her mom im 170 zayteeneys when are you going to let me grow up. Zee, I have no satonic control over the carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen compounds in the sky! Blame Saturus,our God, for our atmosphere. Zeege, I really need to calm myself down before Ernstatun get here. It just feels like there is not enough nitrogen in here are something. I dont know,hopefully my face is not dark purple....that would be totally embarassing!

Me & Ernstatun

Well anyways when he gets here I really wanna go and do a little research on the earthlings that were trying to come here. It's real creepy, I've heard so many stories about them. I think they might try to ivade my home and take us all to become slaves. Ha,not about to happen!! Those earthlings are so stupid they really don't know anything. With our atmosphere hazes being so thick they won't even be able to approach our surface. By the way it is made up of piles of different compounds, my mom calls it a "witch's brew",because it has carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen compounds. Back to those earthlings though, I don't even know why they want to come here. Those people from Jupiters moon Ganymede always talking about how they are better then us anyways. Especially KayZafer,the princess there, she is such a pain in my royal rectum, ugh! She's always talking about how she has it way better then me there since "her" moon is the biggest in the solar system, but thats all zoaboo! I told her grow up, if you Gannies(her kind) are soooooo special then why aren't the earthlings trying to invade YOUR home? She's so jealous of me though, we met at this royal social about 10 years ago and she had a crush on Ernstatun but I had been dating him for years by then, and when she found this out she just started disliking me. Zee, I swear I wish I could through her in to one of the craters in my back yard. That would be funny...I really should stop talking about this though I'm starting to blabber on again. It's just that my nitrogen level gets so high that I start zapping things right out of my mind. Ernstatun says I really should go to a zappermanagement class to work on my problems, but what would that look like, a princess going to a class for help with her zapping. Not zipping at all. I could just see my name all over the SunnyS TyTus Titan Times. My mom would have a craterous fit, if you don't know what that is, it's when a parent has a fit which creates a crater. Not good at all. looks like Ernastatun might be arriving shortly. He just texted me on my new Z phone my mom bought me the other zaytes. It's so me........Well I really should go stand outside before the methane rain starts coming, I don't want to get soaked. Zoopers!