Physics II					Name________________________
Leeson						Block___	Date_____________
								XII.  History of Space Exploration

A.  Matching

  ___1.  The spacecraft designed to fly men to the Moon.
  ___2.  Rockets designed to fly explosives over the English channel.
  ___3.  First man to break sound barrier.
  ___4.  Promised to send a man to the moon within the decade.
  ___5.  Spacecraft that carried 2, and proved that rendezvous and docking could be done.
  ___6.  The first artificial satellite orbited by humans.
  ___7.  The first human to leave the Earth.
  ___8.  American who made rockets work using liquid fuel.
  ___9.  American spacecraft designed to prove humans could survive and orbit the Earth.
  ___10.  Reusable craft that flies in lower-Earth orbit.	

B.  Multiple true false matching?!?!?

	Quick Matching – Match the Astronaut with his/her significance.

	A. One of the Mercury astronauts, but only flew much later.
	B. First female in space.
	C. First human to step on the Moon.
	D. First American to orbit the earth; later a shuttle mission. 

	Quick Matching – Match the Apollo mission with its significance.

  ___5.  Orbited the Earth to test systems.					
  ___6.  Burned during a test; was never scheduled to launch.
  ___7.  Landed on the Moon.
  ___8.  The last Apollo mission to the Moon.

Which country did it first?  			A.  U.S.A.	B.  U.S.S.R.

	  ___9.  Satellite
	  ___10.  Man orbits Earth

True False:						A.  TRUE	B.  FALSE

   ___17.  The U.S. used German scientists to help enter themselves into the space age.
   ___18.  Yeager flew the X-15 to break the sound barrier.
   ___19.  Werner von Braun was a Nazi and came to the U.S. as part of project “Paper Clip.”

Multiple Choice

  ___23.  The 3 “fathers of rocketry” from 3 different countries were:
A) Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins
B) Gagarin, Shepard, and Glenn
C) Oberth, Dornburger, and von Braun
D) Korolev, Gagarin, and Teriscova
E) Tsiolkovsky, Oberth, and Goddard

  ___24.  This man was an Astronaut.
		A) Yeager 	B) Bean	C) Kennedy		D) Leeson		E) von Braun

  ___25.  How many humans have walked on the Moon?
A.  7		B.  12		C.  17		D.  18

  ___34.  The original purpose of the Redstone and Atlas rockets was:
	A.  to explore space		C.  to deliver nuclear payloads
	B.  to promote communism	D.  to decorate military museums
Chronological Order (A-F, where A happened first, and F happened most recently.)
	___35.  Russia launched the first satellite
        ___36.  Humans first landed on the moon
        ___37.  First human to go to space and return.
        ___38.  World's first liquid-fueled rocket.
        ___39.  The United States first manned orbital flight.
        ___40.  The Apollo 1 tragedy

Short Answer

41. What does IRBM stand for?

42. What does ICBM stand for?


43. Discuss the five goals of the Gemini Project. Explain. How many manned flights did it have.

44. What was NASA's first space project? What was its main goal? How many astronauts were involved? Which of those astronauts was not able to fly, and why?