Physics II		Leeson			Name________________________________________
Test IX				        ______		Block______		Date___________________
Galaxies and Bigger Stuff		80

A.  Matching

A.  Galaxy			F.  Nucleus
B.  Spiral Arm			G.  Omega
C.  Open Universe		H.  Dark Matter
D.  Survey			I.   Local Group
E.  Closed Universe		J.  Galactic Plane

B.  Put the following in chronological order by putting a number in each blank (1 for the event that happened first, and a 4 for the event that is most recent).  What if a small elliptical galaxy collided with a larger elliptical galaxy, and they eventually merged?  What would their history together be like?





C.  Multiple Choice – Our Galaxy  ...

___1. Shape?    A)  Spiral		B)  Barred Spiral	C)  Irregular		D)  Elliptical

___2.  Thick?	   A)  1 - 2 ly 		B)  5 - 10 ly		C)  10,000 – 30,000 ly	D)  100,000 ly

___3.  Across?   A)  1 - 2 ly 		B)  5 - 10 ly		C)  10,000 – 30,000 ly	D)  100,000 ly

___4.  A)  In milky way	B)  In Andromeda	C)  In Solar System	D)  In Local Group

___5.  Age?       A)  1by	B)  4.5by	C) 11by	D)  18by	E)  40 years old

D.  Fill-in-the-Blanks and short answer.  

	1.  If a galaxy is red-shifted, it is ...

2.If one side of a galaxy is red-shifted, and the other side is blue-shifted, then we know it must be ____________________.

3.This shifting is part of the concept known as the ___________________ affect.

E.  Identify each type of galaxy  (Bonus:  Name 2 of them correctly)

F.  What type of universe do you hope this is?  Why don't we know what type of universe this is?  Write a paragraph or 2 explaining this.  Obviously, you can't do a very good job unless you define the different options.  Don't forget to discuss the search for the, uh, not “light” stuff.  Get it?

G.  How do you think galaxies are formed?   Write a paragraph explaining this.  Should you mention galaxy clusters or the big bang?