"Did you see the headlines in today’s paper," said John. "Yea I did wow wouldn’t it be awesome if we could enter and win," added Sam. "What are you guys talking about?" asked Jenny. The boys handed her the paper. In it read the article Ansari X: Who will be the first into space? Contained in the article were the rules of the competition. First the spaceship must be reusable. It must be launched twice in two weeks. The spacecraft must also be manned. The thing that caught their eyes the most was the prize of 10,000,000 dollars. "Wow! That’s amazing. But we are just kids how can we win this competition?” asked Jenny. "We are just kids!” Maybe but don’t forget we are in Mr. Henderson’s Advanced class." said John with pride in his voice. "Yea he used to work for NASA," added Sam. "Well I guess we need to do some research. Ill go to the library and start looking up everything," said Jenny. After a few days of researching, the kids learned a lot and presented their research to their teacher with their plans. "My goodness you kids are really serious about this competition aren’t you?" said Mr. Henderson. "Yes sir," answered the kids enthusiastically After all there research the learned that to reach outer space they must reach a flight with an altitude of over 62.5 miles. This would be the least of the children’s problems. They will need materials to build the craft. After weeks of trying to gather the equipment that they thought they would need, they realized that this could be a quite a challenge. After coming to the realization that they will not be the first to space since for one they are only children but that the companies like Virgin Galactic have many great minds and nearly unlimited funds it will be no use. Richard Branson’s company Virgin went on to win the competition in October of 2006 with there revolutionary Spaceship One. Although the children didn’t win the competition they were inspired. In following there dreams they continued to study spaceflight. These three childhood friends would graduate from college and be some of the brightest minds in the world. Although they never achieved the goal of being the first to get into space, they were the first to reach and colonize Mars. By following your dreams and never giving up on what you believe, you can achieve things of astronomical proportions.

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