UFOs are Unidentified flying objects that move around in the Earth's atmosphere.Some claim and have proved that UFOs exist,but many others deny so.It is believed that the passengers in these UFOs are the aliens.Strange appearances of these UFOs have occured right from the days of yore,to the present.These strange appearances continue to puzzle the public.UFOs are generally called flying saucers.


UFO sightings have been recorded as early as 74 BC right to the present.

According to Plutarch,the great greek historian,, a Roman army commanded by Luculluswas about to begin a battle with Mithridates VI of Pontus when "all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies." Plutarch reports the shape of the object as like a wine-jar (pithōi). The apparently silvery object was reported by both armies.

Closer to the present, in 2011:

People noticed a strange object in the sky at 09.45 p.m. in various parts of country on Thursday. The eyewitnesses state that the phenomenon lasted very short: at first light grew, then became like smoke and quickly disappeared. The strange phenomenon was observed in Yerevan city and in Armavir and Syunik Regions. It was also reported by hundreds of observers in several Middle Eastern countries including Lebanon and Israel. The sighting was attributed to a Russian ICBM test similar to the Norwegian sighting in 2009.


In the [[1]] ,there are many references to [[2]]

The Greatest Deception is the result of extensive research into the connections between descriptions of technology in the Bible and ancient writings, the UFO phenomenon in world history, anomalous evidence from ancient civilizations, and the complete cover-up of these realities by the church, and the world in general. This research organized thousands of biblical verses into categories revealing clear descriptions of flying vehicles, their flight characteristics, the amazing beings that pilot them, and the awesome power and advanced technology they possess. The connection of those beings to mankind is examined in scripture and defined in a manner never before considered, and the unbelievable ramifications of that relationship are unveiled. The book shows the abundance of UFO sightings and encounters throughout world history as revealed in over a thousand recorded events. Scores of UFO quotations and government investigations are presented to bolster the evidence of a long-standing presence of non-human entities on Earth. The amazing structures and glaring evidence of advanced knowledge left behind by a civilization predating any known cultures capable of creating them are covered. Planetary anomalies, the incredible human body and mind, and the similarities shared by the world's gods are added to the equation. The book exposes contradictions in the doctrines and practices of the mainstream church that ignores the reality of the world around it, from the shaky foundations the church is built upon, to the lofty paradise it promises. The truth about a global corporate deception, already well-entrenched in every aspect of human existence, and threatening the very existence of all life, is disclosed in biblical prophecy. This work declares that the "Great Deception" just might be the most obvious cover-up in history and is now guiding mankind toward its own destruction.

The leaders of most countries know about UFO existence,but do not tell it to the public out of fear

of disorder.

These provide a proper picture on UFOs and lets all hope that the aliens in them are friendly.